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Q: I scheduled my wedding after March 14, but guests are now saying they can't come. Can I reschedule or get a refund?


A: If you are more than 4 months/120 days from your wedding date, you can look at the standard terms of your contract for rescheduling options. Every wedding is entitled to one reschedule for a re-booking fee of $300 as long as the wedding is more than 120 days from the date of request to reschedule. The reason for the reschedule isn't a factor, so whether it's COVID or something else, you can simply submit a request in writing to move your date and we'll be glad to do so. 

Q: I am less than 120 days from my wedding, but I want to reschedule. What are my options?

A: If you are within 120 days of your event, there is no possibility to reschedule. However, we are glad to help you create a scenario that works for both your family and your guests. We have had overwhelmingly positive response from every single couple who has enlisted our guidance to help them get married on their wedding day, even without the full guest list. We're here to make sure two people can get married, and we will do everything we can to make that special for you.

Q: My family member can no longer attend due to COVID. Can I cancel?

A: As with any wedding, there are always lots of people to consider, and life happens between the moment you set a date and say "I do". Unfortunately, it would be impossible for us to continue to host weddings if we didn't have a firm cancellation policy, so whether it's COVID, another illness, or a life change that prevents the wedding from happening as you'd imagined, we are unable to refund or reschedule less than 120 days from an event. We will, however, allow a reschedule if the Bride or Groom is sick with COVID. 

Q: The Bride or Groom has tested positive for COVID. What are our options?

A: If the Bride or Groom tests positive within 2 weeks of the wedding day, please contact us as soon as possible. We will request that a copy of the positive test results be sent to us, along with a written request to reschedule. A one-time reschedule will be given without penalty for a date within 90 days of the original wedding date. 

Q: I rescheduled once but I thought COVID would be gone by now. Can I move my date again?

A: Unless the Bride or Groom has actually tested positive for COVID, a second reschedule is not permitted. Please contact us if you'd like to talk through safety protocols and other options to make your wedding day work for you.

Q: What safety protocols does the chapel have?

A: We observe all government mandates, state and local ordinances, including capacity limits and mask requirements. Our policies will changes as the mandates change, but we will offer masks to guests on request and have options for social distancing. In addition, we have put in place additional cleaning and sanitizing protocols to limit the spread of germs on touch surfaces. 

Q: My other vendors have allowed me to reschedule/offered a refund. Why can't Bella Donna?

A: Every family with a wedding or other celebration booked at Bella Donna before COVID has had the opportunity to reschedule their event. We realize that this is a difficult time and are doing what we believe is fair and reasonable under the circumstances, which has included offering reschedules to those who requested them in a timely manner. Like anyone, we have obligations to our staff, our vendors, and other businesses who rely on us for their own livelihood. In order to continue to serve our community, we must fulfill our own obligations, and that means we must have a refund/reschedule policy that is fair to our clients and others who rely on us.

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