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“All our guests walked away completely speechless. It was the perfect place to start this blessed journey of marriage. ”

— Doris S., Bride

Chapel Ext.- Hampton Morrow_.jpg

“From the perspective of a wedding photographer, this venue was brilliant! The staff there was genuinely welcoming and went above and beyond to ensure all needs were anticipated and met. I loved my experience there!”

— Kimberly M., Photographer

Wes W.

"One of the most beautiful and scenic wedding chapels in the DFW area!
I was just amazed when my wife found this place that looks like a European destination. The venue coordinator, Kari and the wedding coordinator, Debbie are extremely friendly and courteous. They were very helpful and made our wedding a day that we will never forget and always treasure."

Caleb C.

"This place is absolutely stunning! I just came from a friends wedding that was held there, I can not rave about this picturesque location enough! The quaint walk up to the chapel includes a stone bridge and views of the surrounding lake. As you walk into the chapel there is a holding room for the bride and stairs to the balcony. The chapel itself is on the smaller side, but this only adds to the intimacy of whatever event you are having there. The walls are intricately designed and decorated to give a phenomenal view from every seat. I definitely recommend checking this venue out if you are looking for that special place."

Tina D. 

"This is the most beautiful, intimate Chapel I've ever set eyes on, and not just because my husband and I chose it! Bella Donna is nestled in a quaint Adriatica Village. It sets on the lake, literally. There is cobblestone roads leading and winding down to the chapel entrance. The interior is astounding, its impossible to articulate the beauty you find within. From floor to ceiling, the bridal dressing room, the painted ceilings, etc. Etc.etc....

Thank you so very much for making my wedding the talk amongst my family and friends for months!!!!"

Audrey K.

"My daughter got married there and it was smooth and beautiful! The staff were super friendly and went out of their way to make the day special and stress free."

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