The Village

Adriatica is a 45-acre village located on a private lake in the beautiful Stonebridge Ranch community of McKinney, Texas. A replica of the Croatian fishing town of Supetar, it was designed by developer Jeff Blackard and inspired by his travels in Europe and extensive time spent in Croatia.

Adriatica consists of both residential and retail spaces with a wide range of offerings. From the quaint flower shop and wine bistro to several restaurants, boutiques and other small businesses to a concert & events hall, a Medical Park, most of the establishments in Adriatica are family-owned businesses. Adriatica also offers everyday conveniences like Starbucks, UPS and Independent Bank.

Because Adriatica is a village, it is home to several kinds of homes. From the apartments at St. Paul's Square to an Assisted Living facility, condominiums to million-dollar villas, the community invites residents of all backgrounds to live in a communal space where walking is encouraged and green space is plentiful.

The Chapel

As is evident in the scripture etched in stone throughout Adriatica, the community is designed to invite God into every building. Bella Donna Chapel, in addition to hosting to many of life's most memorable occasions, is a place of prayer, meditation and worship. 


Bella Donna, like Adriatica as a whole, is a replica of an ancient structure in the small fishing community of Supetar, Croatia. The chapel, strategically placed on its own island, is considered the “Crown Jewel” of the village and took 5 years to excavate and build.


On the outside, one can see evidence of the 16th-century Romanesque style in which the chapel is fashioned. From the two Venetian arched bridges leading to the island and the stone constructing the building, the chapel is very much in tune with traditional Croatian religious structures dating centuries back.

The chapel doors are shadowed by a 600 year old bas' relief carving from Carrera, Italy. It depicts Jesus with outstretched arms, welcoming all inside.

Inside, the center aisle is flanked with 22 pews which date back to the late 1800's. The chapel's altar rests in the nave of the chapel under a dome ceiling on which is painted a dove in flight, symbolizing the presence of the Holy Spirit.


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