Donna Blackard

When people first hear the story of Bella Donna Chapel, they often think I must live in a castle on a hill somewhere. The truth is, I am an East Texas girl, and while I enjoy the occasional adventure to a beautiful palace, I am truly at home on my farm in boots and blue jeans. I am so grateful for the opportunity to share my faith through the story of the Chapel, and hope that it will continue to serve as a place of ministry as long as it stands.

Mandi Stophlet

As the daughter of Bella Donna's namesake, this chapel has meant so many things to me over the years. One of the greatest joys has been working with my mom to serve others during the most important moments of their lives. Our own family has gathered here many times, to shed tears of joy and sorrow. It was here we celebrated the life of my late Grandfather, then the wedding of my brother. Most recently, I had my own perfect day when I married my husband here. Soon, we will return to the altar as we commit our first child to the Lord, and we will continue to return here through all of life's monumental moments.



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