Donna Blackard

When people first hear the story of Bella Donna Chapel, they often think I must live in a castle on a hill somewhere. The truth is, I am an East Texas girl, and while I enjoy the occasional adventure to a beautiful palace, I am truly at home on my farm in boots and blue jeans. I am so grateful for the opportunity to share my faith through the story of the Chapel, and hope that it will continue to serve as a place of ministry as long as it stands. This has always been a House of God first, but it has also provided the opportunity to work with my daughter, Mandi, to operate a business that employs other strong women who love the Lord, and this is a blessing and an honor in itself. We are very fortunate and grateful to do what we do. 

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Mandi Stophlet

As the daughter of Bella Donna's namesake, this chapel has meant so many things to me over the years. One of the greatest joys has been working with my mom to serve others during the most important moments of their lives. Our own family has gathered here many times, to shed tears of joy and sorrow. It was here we celebrated the life of my late Grandfather, then the wedding of my brother. Most recently, I had my own perfect day when I married my husband here. Soon, we will return to the altar as we commit our first child to the Lord, and we will continue to return here through all of life's monumental moments.

Deborah Yarborough 

Debbie is exactly the person you want nearby on your wedding day. Her bright energy is infectious, and she always approaches the task at hand with a smile- even if things aren't going as planned. Debbie and her husband have lived in McKinney for years, raising two daughters and now enjoying their grandchildren. Ever the fashionista, Debbie's love for design has led her to create and produce her own line of incredibly chic women's clothing. Since coming to Bella Donna, she has brought that same elegance with her to every wedding she is a part of.


Kari Loth

Kari has been conceptualizing, planning, and executing events for the better part of 20 years. Certified through AACWP,  she is the owner of Southern Bash Events and also donates her time and expertise to various charitable causes right here in McKinney. She and her husband have three children attending Texas A&M University. It's easy to see that she's passionate about what she does, and about her Christian values:  

"Don't be surprised if you hear an "amen" when I agree with your officiant or start your rehearsal with a prayer. I always remember that in the long run, this is about the MARRIAGE, not just the WEDDING."

Rachelle Yates

Rachelle came to work in our office several years ago, seeing our families from the first visit all the way through their big day. She has seen dozens, if not hundreds, of celebrations in the chapel- including her own. She and her husband, a local Police Officer, were married here and now have a daughter. Rachelle, a certified service dog trainer, has since left our office to pursue her own career, but continues to join us on weekends to coordinate weddings. We know that no detail will be missed when she is here!