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Donna Blackard

When people first hear the story of Bella Donna Chapel, they often think I must live in a castle on a hill somewhere. The truth is, I am an East Texas girl, and while I enjoy the occasional adventure to a beautiful palace, I am truly at home on my farm in boots and blue jeans. I am so grateful for the opportunity to share my faith through the story of the Chapel, and hope that it will continue to serve as place of ministry as long as it stands.

Mandi Shing

When I was a child, my mother instilled in me three things for which I will be eternally grateful: A love for Jesus, a flair for creative design, and a fierce sense of the capability of one woman. As a student studying for a career in fashion, I never imagined those things would lead me into the world of weddings. However, the last few years have allowed me to accomplish what was truly my dream all along: A career that allows me to be creative, opportunity serve others, and freedom to truly savor my life while earning a living. I delight in the beauty of wedding ceremonies, but also in using my love for design to create events for clients seeking help with their receptions. As the daughter of Bella Donna's namesake, this chapel has meant so many things to me over the years, but the greatest pleasure has been working with my mom to exercise the creativity God gave me as a child.